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Marine Insurance

Hull & Machinery

We access all the major marine markets in the world including London, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, the USA and the Far East, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. We can arrange full cover based on Institute Time Clauses, American Hull Clauses or Norwegian Plan etc. and would provide an established Leading Underwriter to lead claims handling and settlement decisions. Alternatively, we can insure following shares which can support an existing slip, often at reduced rates. We have established connections with Average Adjusters, Lawyers, Agents and Ships Surveyors worldwide who can be appointed to carry out the many important aspects of protecting the Assureds' interests. We have also developed a quick and inexpensive method for the release of a vessel from arrest through the provision of collision or salvage security.

Loss of Hire

We consider ourselves still at the forefront of Loss of Hire and Trade Disruption Insurance coverage and whilst a lot of brokers have access to this type of coverage, we are able to provide particularly innovative, secure and competitive coverage through our relationship with first class Insurance Companies, internationally. Indeed, our intermediary has been employed by other established Brokers, in the past, who have come to us to enjoy our specialised knowledge, skill and competitiveness.

Protection & Indemnity

We deal with the International Group Clubs and have strong relations with those Insurers outside the Group too. We have assisted Owners in leaving Group Clubs where they have found calls to be excessive and at the same time negotiating on their behalves to obtain release call guarantees which have assisted in preventing adverse cash flow. We have given them the option to explore other P&I Insurers often more appropriate to their requirements.

Charterers' Liability

We have considerable experience in the placement of Time Charterers' open covers for P&I, including Damage to Hull (DTH) cargo and Defence cover. We can also cater for Voyage Charterers and NVOCC's. We have Credit Insurance available to protect Charterers from the risk of sub-charterers, shippers or receivers not being able to pay bills.

Cargo Insurance

We have long history of providing superior cargo covers for Clients based on the whole gamut of different clauses and varying cargoes and trades. We have arranged cargo cover for liner shipping operators who supply the facility to their own shippers as an incentive to ship with them. We have insured oil cargoes which are sold by bunkers suppliers to their Clients from delivery to sale, birth to death, seamlessly. We have obtained beneficial over-age terms from Insurers.

Crew Personal Accident / Medical & Crew Benefits

Protection for Clients who supply skilled tradesmen/professionals to ships or shipyards that require protection equivalent to P&I crew risks where the shipowner/yardowner does not want to insure them. We have developed superior cover in this respect.

Equipment Physical Loss / Liability Insurance

There are a myriad of allied marine risks that we are able to insure on Clients' behalves, too numerous to mention here. If the risk that you wish to protect is not in the list above or on the schedule on our Home Page, do not despair, we will certainly know the nature of the risk and be able to advise you on the subject and know where to obtain quotations for the protection you crave.

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